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Gabe has been my personal trainer since July 2008. I've been working out for years (24 to be exact) and have done my fair share of hiring personal trainers or just independently working out on my own.
What makes Gabe different as a personal trainer? He's an excellent listener and aligns his expertise with what I've set out to accomplish for myself. He tells you want you need to know...not just what you want to hear...he reviews my food intake and suggests ways to slightly modify it. He will always ask "how i feel physically" so he can effectively use the most appropriate workout that day for me. He always balances his workout regimens so various muscle groups are working all the time without causing injury or overuse. He's very intuitive...and when I'm having a "so-so" day, he understands the importance of mind over matter and gives me the push needed through workouts I wouldn't necessarily complete on my own. He has always asked what my fitness goals are for weight loss, strength and lifestyle. Every 4 months we have "health checks" to make sure we're on target.
I say all of these great things about Gabe not because I've lost 17 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6 in a years' worth of time, but because with Gabe...what you see is definitely what you get...genuine, sincere and selflessly interested in helping others achieve their fitness goals.
Investing in Gabe as a personal trainer will be the best investment you can make for yourself. You'll see...I did.
Karolyn Rubin
President, ACA International
Chicago, IL


I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Gabe Goldman, a personal trainer that I had the privilege of supervising at Crunch Fitness in Chicago from August 2007 to August 2008. From Gabe’s first day with us, he proved to be one of the hardest working trainers on our team. His continued desire for knowledge and his daily persistence to improve himself while contributing to the betterment of each and every individual that he had the opportunity to work with was second to none. Gabe would maximize his days by using every free moment that he was allotted to study and improve his knowledge base of exercise science while implementing these concepts into his clients' exercise programs. Gabe showed the ability to remain focused even during times of chaos and confusion. He was committed to each person and he dedicated himself to assisting them improve the quality of their
life through fitness and wellness. His self-discipline and work ethic allowed him to continually develop and grow his business incrementally each month. Gabe is one of the most genuine and honest people I have ever met. He brings positive energy and good intentions with him everywhere he goes. He has personally been challenged and he has come out on top. He is definitely someone I would want as a part of my team. He is a professional in an industry that is saturated with many unprofessional individuals. I fully endorse Gabe Goldman as a facilitator of health and wellness.
James Back
President, CEO H.E.R.O. Fitness
Chicago, IL


Gabe is one of those rare gems that have perfected a balance between business growth and personal professional growth. With each client he really listens to and digests their personal desires. Gabe embraces each new challenge with intelligence and seamlessly develops attainable goals. He is sharp, consistent and produces great results. I highly recommend his skills and look forward to working with him in the future.

Jessica Joseph
Chicago, IL
I've been working with Gabe for almost two years now, and he's the best! He's kind of like a sneaky drill sergeant...he never yells at me, he runs me through circuits, encourages me, makes sure I am hydrated...the session is really great, easy even! And then an hour later...WHAM! Happily sore muscles evidencing a really solid workout. The trick is that he rotates you through a bunch of different and opposing muscle groups. So even though you're doing one set after another after another, one group gets to recover while the
other is pummeled.
Another thing he does...if I'm out of town and miss a training session, he'll send me along with a hand-drawn worksheet of exercises I can do, even without equipment. When I've had race events, he's texted me with words of encouragement, and of congratulations.
Gabe sincerely cares about his clients' overall well-being, and his PT sessions are worth every single penny!
Carolyn Tang
Chicago, IL

Gabe and I have trained together since the summer of 2007. In that time, Gabe has helped me meet – if not exceed – my fitness goals. More than that, though, he has empowered me to truly own my health. Gabe always goes beyond the “what” of fitness and nutrition to the “how” and “why.” His commitment to empowerment makes Gabe an extraordinary trainer and an apt candidate for the coaching standards and techniques that are the foundation of quality wellness coaches.
When Gabe and I started to work together, he helped me identify my goals: to maintain my weight while increasing my strength and endurance. Gabe crafted a fitness and nutrition program to help me meet these objectives, and he approaches our work with respect and encouragement and pushes me to do my best. He keeps it interesting too: in the 18 months we have worked together, sessions are always new and unique. Gabe’s workouts are the perfect balance between being approachable and challenging. In the gym, we work on routines that exercise multiple muscle groups at once while testing balance and stressing form. Outside of the gym, Gabe gives me routines that rely on my own weight for resistance or tools like bands or Bosu balls – meaning I can complete them at home or on the road. Since we have worked together, my strength and endurance have increased dramatically while my weight has stayed the same. I have more muscle and less fat on my body, and my physique is leaner and more sculpted. I was already an athletic person, but I am able to work harder and longer while recovering faster. Most importantly, the pride and confidence I have in myself has increased. Gabe has helped me meet specific goals too. He helped me train for the 2008 Urbanathlon and is helping me prepare for the 2009 Hustle up the Hancock. About a year ago, I started to box, and Gabe has helped me improve my anaerobic endurance and balance.
As a nonprofit professional, my days are fast-paced and demanding, and my salary is less than most of my peers. I don’t have the time or money for an
ordinary trainer. The time I invest with Gabe, though, is a priority because it returns dividends in terms of my fitness, nutrition, and happiness. I consider
Gabe a friend, a confidant, and an expert in his field.
Scarlett Swerdlow
Chicago, Illinois


I was fortunate to be able to work with Gabe Goldman this summer as a personal trainer. I did not know Gabe but had worked with several other trainers over the years. He provided a challenging and diverse workout every time we met. I am 57 years old ad was somewhat concerned that Gabe would not push me enough. Well, I didn't have to worry about that! He is creative in his planning for the session and what most impressed me was that while he challenged me, he was always careful to avoid injury or stress. My husband and I were both in Gabe's sessions and we will miss him. He is a great fitness trainer.

Joanna Little
Broker Associate
Grand Junction, CO


All of my life I have had a love affair with food, and an intense dislike for the hard work that comes with exercise. With a family history of diabetes and heart disease, and now 31 with two children of my own, I knew it was time to get in control of my body. I decided to get active exercise, and eat right -- but what is eating right, and how do I know if the exercise I am doing is doing anything at all?!
I joined the gym figuring that was the first step to getting me off my butt. Three months later I had been to the gym exactly four times, and not one of those times was very taxing on me physically. I then made the decision to see about getting a trainer, figuring that if I had someone to hold me accountable and to help push me I would be better equipped for success.
My first meeting with my trainer Gabe was merely a fitness test -- and I was sore for 2 days. I made a vow than and there to never feel like that after exercise again. I also determined that I wanted to work toward being a runner, and a long distance runner has to be in prime shape for those long jogs. We agreed that we would meet three times a week and that I would try to come in two extra days on my own for cardio workouts. I rarely made those extra cardio workouts. I asked about meeting five days a week, explaining that I thought I needed more attention to get me on task. And it worked.
I worked my butt off for the next eight weeks. When I told Gabe how much I hate him for pushing me out of my comfort zone he would laugh and say "I know." I also changed my diet under Gabe's scrutiny and I was suddenly alert, my body less tired. I am now addicted to endorphins instead of ice cream with caramel. As a result of this hard work I lost 6% of my body fat. I think that's tremendous! I feel stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. I lunge, jump, lift, and sweat like I never have before in my life, and I feel accomplished because of it. Gabe never let me give up on me, when he could have easily
assumed that I didn't want to work as hard as he made me and simply slack off himself.
While working with Gabe is definitely work, it's rewarding to see the definition building in your arms and legs, to see your dimples and wrinkles tighten, and to button up your shirt that became loose fitting when you weren't paying attention. He is always there to answer a question and always there to push you harder when it's getting too easy. He also understands that it's about having fun as well as getting your heart rate up. I never thought in a million years that I would look forward to paying someone to torture me and then look forward to torturing myself. Must be those endorphins!
Heather Reynosa-Davis
Grand Junction, CO
I am writing this letter of recommendation for Gabe Goldman. In January 2006, I hired Gabe to be my personal trainer because I
was having a hard time losing weight. I was getting married in June and I wanted to be in better shape before I walked down the
aisle. Gabe worked with me two days a week. He pushed me to do at least three or four more repetitions when I felt I couldn't do any more. If I was doing an exercise incorrectly, he would kindly show me the correct way. He never made me feel uncomfortable. In a five month period, I lost several inches and dropped two sizes with Gabe's assistance.
Gabe is an excellent trainer, and he knows how to mix up the sessions. You never do the same routine twice, and he sets a very good pace. He has also shown me numerous exercises that I can continue to do on my own. It has been a pleasure working with Gabe.

Jennifer Roop
Grand Junction, CO